Cosmetic Dental Treatment

The smile consists of three very important constituents, namely the teeth, the gums and the lips. Although we do not treat the lips, we can treat the teeth and gums to enhance the smile quite a bit. In an ideal smile, one should not display too much gum tissue, as this is termed a “gummy” smile (as seen in Fig 1). At the other extreme a very low lip not showing enough of the teeth and no gum tissue visible creates the impression of old age (see Fig 2). The ideal is somewhere in the middle, showing all the teeth and just a little bit of gum. This is known as a medium smile (see figure 3). Within such a smile the teeth should appear symmetrical around the midline and the colour even. We work in close collaboration with your dentist or prosthodontist when doing cosmetic smile surgery.
figure 1 Gummy Smile
figure 2 Low Lip Line
figure 3 Medium Smile

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Cosmetic Gum Surgery

Cosmetic Gum Surgery (also called Periodontal Plastic Surgery) generally involves restoring the balance to ensure a medium smile. This can be done in various ways, but always involves a surgical procedure. The technique used in our clinic involves doing a procedure that minimizes any outward sign of surgery so that the patient may resume work/school/university the next day. Figure 4 shows the patient before and the next day after completion of surgery. Although there is an immediate improvement, the gums will over 8-12 weeks form the new smile without anyone noticing the slow change to a beautiful smile. Once the new smile has been established, the teeth may be bleached for a whiter even smile.
figure 4 Before Surgery
figure 4 Day after Surgery

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In exceptional cases cosmetic smile treatment will need a combination of surgery and new porcelain crowns to restore not only the gum appearance but also to rebuild or change the teeth dramatically. Figures 5-7 show three cases where cosmetic surgery and crowning of the teeth were combined.

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