Burning Mouth Syndrome

Author: Van Heerden, W.F.P; Van Zyl, Andre W.


Burning mouth syndrome (BMS) is a chronic condition characterised by a burning sensation of the tongue and other sites, usually without associated clinical or laboratory findings. These patients, mainly postmenopausal women, often present with dry mouth (xerostomia) and taste alterations. BMS may present in an idiopathic (primary) form or in association with local or systemic abnormalities (secondary). A detailed history and oral examination are important to help direct patient management.

Diagnosis and management of Oral Lesions and conditions in the newborn

Author: Van Heerden, W.F.P.; Van Zyl, Andre W.


Infants frequently present with oral lesions and conditions that may lead to anxiety among parents. The most common lesions and conditions include natal and neonatal teeth, the different oral mucosal cysts of the newborn, ankyloglossia and congenital epulis of the gingiva. The diagnostic features and management principles of these lesions are discussed in order for healthcare workers to provide proper care and counselling to patients and parents.

Oral Medicine case book 62: CREST Syndrome

Author: BK Bunn, AW van Zyl, L Rahman, WFP van Heerden


A 42-year-old female patient presented to the Department of Periodontics and Oral Medicine, with a main complaint of labial gingival recession on tooth 41. A comprehensive periodontal examination was performed with no findings of periodontitis. Gingival recession was found on teeth 41, 43, 45, 31, 34, and 13. Clinical examination of the intra-oral mucosa and peri-oral facial skin showed multifocal asymptomatic telangiectases (Figures 1 to 3). The patient disclosed a chronic history of Raynaud’s phenomenon which was initially diagnosed in her early teens. In addition, there was evidence of sclerodactyly and focal areas of calcinosis cutis (calcinosis of the skin) (Figure 4). The patient complained of mild dysphagia and gastric reflux.

Oral medicine case book 59 : Syphilis of the Oral Mucosa

Author: Bunn, Belinda K, Marnewick, J.C. (Johan), Van Zyl, Andre W, Van Heerden, W.F.P. (Willem Francois Petrus)


A 35-year-old male patient presented to the Oral Medicine Clinic complaining of painful oral ulcers of six weeks duration. The patient was a non-smoker and did not report any additional medical history of clinical significance.

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